Friday, 30 December 2011

Looking to the New Year...

So, it's the last Friday of 2011 and we're busy preparing to have another great year! 2012 starts with a 5 mile walk across the moors, fingers crossed that the weather improves for that. Rain and wind would certainly blow the old cobwebs away though!

There will be plenty happening on the Marsden Moor Estate during 2012, lots more events and activities planned, more footpath improvements and other estate work. Plus, our new exciting 'Marsden Moor Bog Biodiversity' project will get underway which we are able to do with SITA funding. This 3 year project should keep us busy for a while!

So, keep your eyes open to find out what we have going on throughout the 2012.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Defeated by the snow

The wardens tried to test out a bike ride today in order to create a new downloadable trail for the website. The route was sorted, the date booked and the bikes dusted down and ready to go. Unfortunately, on the day of the bike ride, the weather decided it wanted to test us further. The snow arrived heavier than it has so far this winter and the clouds were low over the tops.

After a bit of umm-ing and aar-ing, we decided that since we'd brought the bikes over we'd have a trip out and see how it was. The higher we got, the snowier it became and, in the end we let the weather win. The way back was nice and easy downhill, and we retreated back to the office for a cup of tea and some chocolate. We'll try again when it's just muddy and there's not snow and ice to challenge us too!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Navigation for Beginners

We are happy to announce that we will be running 2 navigation courses next year!

Improve your skills and step out with confidence with a 1-day map reading courses for beginners. Explore the Marsden Moor Estate with Mark Reid, author of 'The Inn Way' guidebooks and Mountain Leader, who will teach you the skills you need to follow your own walks in the countryside; skills that will last a lifetime.

The courses will be running on Wednesday 2nd May and Wednesday 26th September 2012. There are limited spaces available, so book early to avoid disappointment! Courses cost £49 and include a full day of navigation training, course notes, use of Berghaus gear if required and use of a map and compass. Tea and coffee will also be provided.

For more details and to book please visit

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Feeling Festive

It was the final session of 2011 today with the Kirklees Youth Offending Team and we were feeling festive! We started the day with a trip out on to the snowy moors to finish off planting a few plug plants. Luckily there weren't too many to do, so we didn't get too cold, but it was nice to get out on the tops.

We then came back to warm up in the workshop and made some festive wreaths to decorate the exhibition room. We ended up with some really nice ones - good work from the team!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Student -Today I went for a walk along with Alison. She showed me the usual route her and her team have discovered around the moors in marsden. The walk was approximately an hour and a quater. As I was walking along with Alison, She also pointed and explained what each areas and fields are called. Not only this but she explain about the leadership and risk assessment. On the way back we went through a different route and Overall I really enjoyed the view and I found it quite interesting.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Marsden Health Walk - Walking Festival Week

Our second walk of the National Trust walking festival was a lovely one. We had a 2 hour health walk - slightly longer than usual but it was such a glorious day! The walk took us past Crow Hill and up towards Scout, with most of the walk being on the moorland.

It was a great turn out with a fair few new faces too as well as plenty of regular walkers. Our third and final walk of the festival is this Friday with our Redbrook Quest! The weather for Friday looks good too...!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Walking Festival Kicks Off!

The National Trust Walking Festival began on Saturday, and we joined in with our Marsden Circular walk. A beautful day (for a change), a very pleasant day for a walk around the hills surrounding Marsden. With nearly 30 people on the walk it was very well attended.
There was even a tiger spotted on the moors too!!

The walking festival continues all week, and we have 2 more walks for people to join in with. Our Marsden Health Walk is tomorrow - 10.45 at our exhibition room for a gentle 3 mile walk. The final walk of the week is on Friday which is the Redbrook Quest. A nice walk for all, meeting at Brun Clough car park (A62) at 1.30pm. Can you complete the quest on this 3 mile walk?!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Splashing around and having fun!

The holiday activities this year have been great fun and had lots of people turning up to take part. Stream dipping never seems to get dull, with children splashing about up and down the river at Eastergate, looking for creatures and generally having a great time. Although the amount of rain meant one session had to be cancelled and we would have been better off with a raft-making activity, the weather has generally been ok!

Friday sessions have been great too with some crafty activities and some hunting of creatures as well!

The last sessions of the summer holidays are this week. It has gone incredibly fast, is it really coming to the end of August?? The last stream dipping session is tomorrow, and the final Fun Friday is a Geo-Day this week, with West Yorkshire Geology Trust coming in and bringing some dinosaur fun!

Keep an eye out on our website for other events and activities we have.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Help Restore the Moor

September at Marsden Moor will be all about Helping to Restore the Moor. Following on from the large fire in April on Close Moss we are now trying to help it back to a favourable condition.

Driving down the A62 now, a large purple area can be seen, but it is the purple moor grass in flower rather than the heather.

To help stop this grass from taking over we will spread heather seed across the site. A large amount of heather was burnt and destroyed in the fire.

We are calling for helpers to come out on some public work days to help us collect some heather seed which will go towards the re-seeding of the site. Other community groups are also getting involved, coming out onto the moors to help us collect seed and helping to be part of this restoration process.

Every weekend in September, we have an activity:
Sunday 4th, 10.30am - Cottongrass planting on White Moss. Meet at White Moss car park (A635).
Saturday 10th, 2.30pm - Heather seed collecting. Meet at Brun Clough car park (A62).
Sunday 18th, 11am - 2pm - End of Season Plant Sale and Moorland Information Day. At the estate office.
Saturday 24th, 2.30pm - Heather seed collecting. Meet at Brun Clough car park (A62).

Everyone is welcome to come and help!!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Health Walk Leader volunteers

We're looking for Health Walk Leaders - Could this be for you?!

What’s in it for you?

· Becoming part of a friendly and dedicated team

· Meeting people from all walks of life and making new friends

· Improving your communication skills

· Keeping Active

Our Health Walks currently run on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month, meeting at 10.45 at the Marsden Moor Estate Exhibition Room. The walks are approximately 3 miles long, and generally return by 12.30.

Fancy helping out on a regular basis? Get in touch! Call the office on 01484 847016 for more details.

Want to join in as a walker? Just come along!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Marsden and Hardcastle Crags Team Day

Today the Wardens from Hardcastle Crags came over to Marsden to help us with some of our work. Our plan was to put some large stones at the entrance to Buckstones Car Park and put some NT signs on them. The landrover was driven onto the grass with the trailer, the aim being to reverse it back so the stones would be easier to put into the hole. Unfortunately...the landrover and trailer got stuck in the peat and the rest of the day was subsequently spent getting the landrover unstuck. We went back to get the ATV so that we could get the trailer out. On the way back up to Buckstones one of the tyres on the trailer burst - another bit of excitement for the day. Eventually we got everything out and made our way back to the office, with the stones and signs. So we still have that job for another day!

Photos to follow...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May Health Walk

It was a rather nice day for the second health walk in May - not too much wind, just a breeze, and a bit warmer than it has been too. There were not as many on the walk as there have been in previous weeks, but still a nice group.

The walk went to the edge of the moors with good views across to Pule Hill and all across the north of the Marsden Moor Estate, before coming back along the stream leading to Tunnel End. A nice morning walk to make you ready for lunch time!

Health walks run on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month, meeting at 10.45 at our Exhibition Room, usually returning at about 12.30. It's a good chance to stretch those legs, get some fresh air, perhaps discover a new place and to meet new people - including our lovely volunteers!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

More Plant Fair Pictures

Plant Fair Success!

Our annual Plant Fair was held on Sunday, and this year it was bigger and better than before! The morning started off lovely. We were working in the sunshine at 6am, just a shame it didn't stay like that the whole day. All the plants were set up and the additional stalls in place for the fair to open at 10am.

New for this year, we had Thurlstone Owl Sanctuary, local produce stalls, some lovely cakes and chocolates and also National Trust products for sale too, as well as children's activities. The giant snakes and ladders seemed to be a hit!

There were a few heavy downpours during the day, but that didn't stop some of the dedicated shoppers. The rest of us sheltered under the gazebos until the rain calmed down a bit.

And when it came to packing up, it didn't take too long at all as so many plants had been sold. A great day, and lots of money made to go towards the work needed to maintain our moors. Thanks to everyone who helped or came to support the event!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Preparing the Plants...

Our annual plant fair working holiday are currently out in the yard working very hard! A group of 12 people come each year for a week preceeding the annual plant fair to label the pots and get the plants looking pristine ready for sale!

It's been a bit of a damp start to the working week although it is brightening up so hopefully by the big day on Sunday we'll be back to some proper sunny weather again.

The plants are being crated up ready to be transported down to the big car park where the plant sale will take place.

It's going to be a busy week for the working holiday!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

More flag laying in Easter sunshine

17 flag stones were laid today on the Thieves Clough path by some of the Kirklees Youth Offenders. It was very hard work, and a good thing there were a fair few of us so we could break often! Some flags were so large it took all of us to move them into place. I think everyone will deserve their Easter Eggs tomorrow...!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Highfields Garden Group

Highfields Community Centre in Huddersfield have been growing a variety of plants for us which we will be selling at our Plant and Spring Fair on 22nd May. The group started off growing moorland plants for us which we will planting out on the moors once they are big enough, and have now moved on to garden plants and vegetables. It is a great project for the group as they can watch the plants growing through the weeks, and it is an activity that helps to improve their co-ordination skills too.

All the money raised from the plants sold at the Marsden Moor Plant and Spring Fair goes towards the conservation of the moors. The plant sale runs from 10am - 3pm on Sunday 22nd May. There is free entry, free parking and more than just plants too! Children's activities, Thurlstone Owl Sanctuary, local food producers and more!!

Kirklees Youth Offending Team video

The Kirklees Youth Offending Team are carrying on with their sessions - the last one was in fabulous sunshine, flag laying on Thieves Clough. Some rather big slabs to move, some needing everyone there to help shift them! A good session until it was unfortunately cut short by the fire on Close Moss.

Check out the video about the partnership working between Marsden Moor and the Kirklees Youth Offending Team at

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welly Walks

Fancy a family walk during the Easter holidays, or just fancy a guided walk that is easier than a hike over the moors? Come on our Welly Walk! Our first one is on April 20th, meeting at Marsden Station at 10am. The walk will be going down the canal towpath to Slaithwaite and back. Hopefully there will be plenty of puddles to be jumped in on the way!

There will be more Welly Walks through the year too, one on May 30th and one on July 29th. Check the website for more details on these.

Don't forget - our health walks also run on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month, come along to enjoy the scenery and have a good chat with our friendly volunteers and wardens!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Our New Van

We were able to buy a new vehicle in the autumn last year in order to have sufficient vehicles for all the activities we do - volunteer work parties, community group activities and going to events.

We have now finally had it signed up so you can tell that it is a National Trust vehicle. Using money from the Youth Offending Team to get the work done, our shiny new van has on our logo and on the back a super picture of conservation work on the moors - a beautiful sunny day doing some flag laying on White Moss.

As we were able to use the Youth Offending money to get it done, we have also put their logo on the van to highlight our work together. Our partnership working ables us to work with many young people that would not necessarily come to somewhere such as Marsden Moor - it is a great project of which we are very proud.

Highfields Joint Work

A group from Highfields Community Centre in Huddersfield have been doing more work with us recently. Over the winter, they have been planting moorland seeds in the hopes that they will grow into plug plants that can be planted onto the moors when the are large enough.

Now that spring is finally here, they are continuing to grow seeds for us, but now it is vegetable and flower seeds that they are growing. These will be sold at our Plant and Spring Fair, which is our largest plant sale of the year, as well as at the weekly yard sales throughout the summer.

The latest project is a small group working towards their John Muir Awards. The group had their first session for the award on the moors yesterday, digging out rhododendrons from the Wessenden Valley - a spectacular spot. They will be coming for 6 sessions over 3 months as well as doing work back at their base as well.

A Whole Lot of Activity

I know it's been a bit quiet on the blog recently but that's not because nothing has been happening - quite the opposite. It's been incredibly busy!

The flagstones that we had delivered at the beginning of the year are at last being moved into place. We have had 2 airlifts so far, moving the stones from their piles on the moor opposite the Carriage House pub on the A62, out onto the Thieves Clough footpath.

The flagstones have to be weighed out into packs to make sure that they are not too heavy for the helicopter, and then airlifted into place ready for the footpath work to begin. The Thieves Clough footpath is in a poor state and very boggy for much of it. The stones can now be moved into place by our hard-working volunteers and the work on the path can begin.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wind Flags on a Windy Day

Today was our half term activity - making wind flags and other windy items. The wind flags were colourful with pictures painted on them, and we also were making wind mills and wind twirlers, also looking fabulous fluttering around.

The children that came along seemed to have great fun running around with their flags waving along behind them. A fun activity for the half term.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

February Health Walk

The health walk this week was busy, despite the rather grey start followed by rain. The walk took them up towards Scout, and then back down to Sparth reservoir and back up to Marsden along the canal - a nice walk to get out onto the edges of the moors.

There are several different routes that we have for the health walks, but due to this being Marsden, there are usually hills to climb up and then back down again! However, it's worth going up to get the fabulous views - if the cloud isn't too low.

The daffodils are on their way up, and we are now looking forward to seeing the first of the yellow flowers to appear. Spring is on the way!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Perfect Conditions for Flying

The Tuesday work party this week had some good weather. And they weren't the only ones making the most of it. There were plenty of people up at Buckstones taking advantage of the conditions and out flying in one form or other. The work party were up at Buckstones doing a litter pick and spotted seven paragliders altogether!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

6 Caches to Find...

A group of teenagers from Oldham came out for a geo-caching walk this weekend. We did just over 6km going around Redbrook and Pule. We had 6 caches to find...and we found all 6! Success!

When we left the car park there was a bitter wind and everyone was rather cold. But as we carried on the wind died down and some warmth from the sun got through. It was a lovely few hours out walking with some good enthusiastic people!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Tree Guard Removal near Eastergate

Last Saturday, the Kirklees Youth Offenders were out on the moors once again. The task for this session was to help with the removal of more of the tree guards in one of the cloughs near Eastergate.

We got a good lot out and had some sizeable piles by the end of the day. Just a shame that it was cloudy rather than the clear blue skies that we had for the rest of that week.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hunting out some Geo-caches

On a glorious sunny day last week Alyssa and Alison went out for a spot of geo-caching. We weren't just out for a nice day (although it did seem like that!) but were doing a pre-walk and putting information out about the estate is some of the boxes we found.

Our walk took us up to Swellands and Black Moss first of all, then back down to Mount Road and all over the sides of Pule Hill, we had a quick look through Pule Arch, and then carried on across to the Engine House before finally ending back at Brun Clough car park.

Despite the sun, there were still quite a few icy patches and some very amazing icicles and some generally interesting looking bits of icy grass.

As we came down towards the engine house, we came across some of the flagstones that have been delivered that will soon be flown out to site. These will be making a path running up Theives Clough. So watch out for this! The airlift is likely to be next week, and the path will be underway in March (if not earlier). That will make that path a lot better for walking!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Removing the Tree Guards

Tuesday's work party this week was out collecting some more of the tree guards from the moors. We were out in a clough near Eastergate bagging up the tree guards that had been taken down, ready to be collected by the ATV at a later date.

It was a rather pleasant task, working where it was sheltered from the wind, no rain (just for a change) and next to a babbling brook. Despite getting a good lot of work done, there are still plenty more tree guards to bag up and collect!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Removing Tree Guards in the Cloughs

The volunteer work parties this week were out removing tree guards from trees in the cloughs around Redbrook. The group was hard at work all day on Monday despite the wind and rain.

On Tuesday the weather was much better with some lovely blue skies at intervals. However, being in the cloughs meant that much of this better weather was missed. What a shame!

The ATV went across the moor on Tuesday to pick up all the tree guards that had been removed. Two good days of work. Hurrah!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hunting Quad bike Tracks

Some of the volunteer survey team were out today hunting out tracks made by illegal quad bikers some time ago. Some tracks were made on Close Moss around Short Grain House a while ago. The survey team were out to monitor how well they were recovering and becoming vegetated again.

Unfortunately, there was much more snow up on the moors than had been anticipated, so we couldn't get as much of an idea of how the tracks were recovering. In this picture, the tracks can be seen covered in snow.

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