Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bird Box Successes!

It was a beautiful sunny, cloudless morning for the half term Bird Box Building event. Having had the chance to practice putting a box together with the first visitor, we were then suddenly swamped with people wanting to come and build a bird box.

We had to keep getting out more tables to accommodate everyone, yet there was still barely enough space! At one point it seemed that we might run out of bird box kits as it was so popular. However, we had 5 to spare at the end.

We had not anticipated so many people coming, so it was a good thing that the youth offenders were so productive cutting up the wood for the kits! It was a very successful event, and hopefully there will now be many more happy birds around Marsden with a new home to live in.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fencing in the Snow

The Oldham Youth Offending Team had their first visit to Marsden Moor, and were able to experience it in it's full winter glory! The task was to repair the fence around White Moss. We did manage to do a fair few repairs, but there will be plenty more to do once the snow was melted.

There were plenty of grouse about to see, and evidence of other wildlife too. Doing fence repairs in the middle of nowhere (and as there was such poor visibility it could have been anywhere) seemed to be not quite what the group were expecting, but it was enjoyable. Definitely better than delivering leaflets, we were told!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bird Box Bonanza!

Last Saturday the workshop was a busy place, with the Kirklees Youth Offenders busy cutting up wood for bird boxes. The session was spent sawing up numerous planks of wood and making stacks of bird box packs, ready for the half term bird box making session of Friday.
To break up the day, we each made a box, and as the wood had been cut so expertly, each box that was made looked totally fabulous!
Don't miss your chance to put one of these designer packs together between 11am and 2pm this Friday!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Foggy Scenes from Buckstones

Some pictures of views from Buckstones, looking down towards Marsden with the cloud in the valley, on the first Thursday of February.

It was very foggy with poor visibility in Marsden, but once we go out it was a much nicer day and we could see these lovely views.

The pictures look across March Haigh reservoir and across to Pule Hill.