Thursday, 19 November 2009

Deerhill and Blackmoorfoot Walk

After 2 days of torrential rain, we all set off wrapped up to the hilt fearing the worst! However the sun was soon out and remained out for most of the 9.5 mile circular walk from Marsden around Deer Hill and Blackmoorfoot Reservoir and back through Linthwaite and Slaithwaite back along the canal to Marsden.

Andrew set a good pace and we completed the walk in 4.5 hrs with a lunch stop. Fantastic views all the way round with sunny blue skies and a stunning rainbow stretching across the valley.

A little muddy in parts, after a few hysterical screams and screeches we managed to pull ourselves out and keep the pace up. Passing through some lovely farm areas there was lots to see including young highland cattle, donkies, horses and lots of cows looking slightly bemused at our antics in the mud!

All in all a lovely day out enjoyed by all and certainly a walk I’ll being doing again!

Emma Murray.