Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hunting out some Geo-caches

On a glorious sunny day last week Alyssa and Alison went out for a spot of geo-caching. We weren't just out for a nice day (although it did seem like that!) but were doing a pre-walk and putting information out about the estate is some of the boxes we found.

Our walk took us up to Swellands and Black Moss first of all, then back down to Mount Road and all over the sides of Pule Hill, we had a quick look through Pule Arch, and then carried on across to the Engine House before finally ending back at Brun Clough car park.

Despite the sun, there were still quite a few icy patches and some very amazing icicles and some generally interesting looking bits of icy grass.

As we came down towards the engine house, we came across some of the flagstones that have been delivered that will soon be flown out to site. These will be making a path running up Theives Clough. So watch out for this! The airlift is likely to be next week, and the path will be underway in March (if not earlier). That will make that path a lot better for walking!

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