Friday, 12 August 2011

Help Restore the Moor

September at Marsden Moor will be all about Helping to Restore the Moor. Following on from the large fire in April on Close Moss we are now trying to help it back to a favourable condition.

Driving down the A62 now, a large purple area can be seen, but it is the purple moor grass in flower rather than the heather.

To help stop this grass from taking over we will spread heather seed across the site. A large amount of heather was burnt and destroyed in the fire.

We are calling for helpers to come out on some public work days to help us collect some heather seed which will go towards the re-seeding of the site. Other community groups are also getting involved, coming out onto the moors to help us collect seed and helping to be part of this restoration process.

Every weekend in September, we have an activity:
Sunday 4th, 10.30am - Cottongrass planting on White Moss. Meet at White Moss car park (A635).
Saturday 10th, 2.30pm - Heather seed collecting. Meet at Brun Clough car park (A62).
Sunday 18th, 11am - 2pm - End of Season Plant Sale and Moorland Information Day. At the estate office.
Saturday 24th, 2.30pm - Heather seed collecting. Meet at Brun Clough car park (A62).

Everyone is welcome to come and help!!

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