Thursday, 15 December 2011

Defeated by the snow

The wardens tried to test out a bike ride today in order to create a new downloadable trail for the website. The route was sorted, the date booked and the bikes dusted down and ready to go. Unfortunately, on the day of the bike ride, the weather decided it wanted to test us further. The snow arrived heavier than it has so far this winter and the clouds were low over the tops.

After a bit of umm-ing and aar-ing, we decided that since we'd brought the bikes over we'd have a trip out and see how it was. The higher we got, the snowier it became and, in the end we let the weather win. The way back was nice and easy downhill, and we retreated back to the office for a cup of tea and some chocolate. We'll try again when it's just muddy and there's not snow and ice to challenge us too!

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