Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Plants Needed!! Can you help...?

National Trust estate at Marsden Moor is looking for some help with plants. Not the usual moorland variety but the common or garden type. Every week a group of dedicated volunteers gather in the yard at the estate office in Marsden to tend and grow garden plants. These are then sold at various local events throughout the year. All proceeds from the plant sales go towards the moorland restoration work that the National Trust do on the 2500 hectares of land surrounding Marsden village.

This year the big Plant Fair is taking place on the 16th of May and due to the hard winter they are a bit low on plants to sell. If anyone is changing their garden or clearing out for the spring then donations of plants would be gratefully received.
To donate plants or for further information on volunteering with the Trust, please contact the estate office on 01484 847016 or email

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