Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Helicopters and Heather

You might have spotted the white bags spread out over Buckstones and White Moss as you've been passing. These bags are full of heather brash, which has been cut from the Peak District and is to be spread over the bare patches of peat which will hopefully improve the conditons. The brash will help to prevent the peat from being eroded away by wind and rain, and should also encourage plants to grow.

The bags were sat at the edge of the road for a number of days until the weather conditions were good enough for an airlift to transport the bags out on to the moors. (Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures from the airlifts, so this is one from last time and the weather looks lovely!)

All 500 or so bags have now got to be emptied and spread, and several groups have already started working on this with more groups coming to do some in the coming few weeks. By the end, the moors should look lovely!

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