Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Flying flag stones to the moors

The bad weather that had prevented us flying out our flag stones at the end of December finally came to an end and we were able to get several airlifts in during mid-January in order to get all the stones out onto the moors. The stones will be used to help complete more of the White Moss/Black Moss footpath which began several years ago.

The stones are flown onto the moor by helicopter, then dropped into the correct position. The better placed they are on the moors, the easier it is when it comes to the flag laying. Some of the stones are so large it takes at least 6 people to move them. It makes it a much easier job if they don't have to be moved so far into position.

The first day of work on the footpath was last weekend, with the Kirklees Youth Offending team out and getting stuck in to the hard work.

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