Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Plant Sales

Last Sunday was the Spring Plant Fair - our biggest money maker of the year! Volunteers and staff arrived at 6am to set up for the big day and we were just ready by the time the gates opened at 11am! Despite the damp start to the day, theweather stayed relatively fine and by the time we had finished packing up for the day, we were almost sunbathing! Despite the long day, we managed to raise a fair few pennies which will help with the moorland conservation work.
But don't panic! If you didn't make it to the plant fair you will still be able to get your bargain plants. The Marsden Moor Estate Yard will be open each Friday between 11am and 2pm for you to pop up and see what delights we have for sale.
The first Friday yard sale will be Friday 4th June. Bring the children along as the Go Potty event will be on, so they can get creative while you browse the plants!

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