Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Surveying at Buckstones

Volunteers and staff took part in a survey training day, learning the techniques needed to find out what plants we have on our moors.
The day started off well, with good weather and we all looked at a quadrat together to see what we could find.

Getting right down there is a good way to spot the smaller plants and make sure every species has been found.
Everyone had a go at doing a quadrat and collecting and recording their information. We then headed off to the second surveying site, everyone having great confidence in their surveying abilities.
And then suddenly, the weather turned for the worse, and within 30 seconds of being in the rain everyone was dripping wet. But this didn't deter anyone, and we carried on in the wind and rain, trying to identify our plant species.
Eventually we managed to finish and could head back to the warm, dry, cosy office for a cup of tea and to put all our data together.

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