Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Marsden and Hardcastle Crags Team Day

Today the Wardens from Hardcastle Crags came over to Marsden to help us with some of our work. Our plan was to put some large stones at the entrance to Buckstones Car Park and put some NT signs on them. The landrover was driven onto the grass with the trailer, the aim being to reverse it back so the stones would be easier to put into the hole. Unfortunately...the landrover and trailer got stuck in the peat and the rest of the day was subsequently spent getting the landrover unstuck. We went back to get the ATV so that we could get the trailer out. On the way back up to Buckstones one of the tyres on the trailer burst - another bit of excitement for the day. Eventually we got everything out and made our way back to the office, with the stones and signs. So we still have that job for another day!

Photos to follow...